“Protecting the Throne: RGIII Reveals Tom Brady’s Potential Roadblock for Patrick Mahomes”

Action Packed News Takes on the Debate Between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

The sports world was abuzz with a new debate sparked by comments made by former quarterback Robert Griffin III on ESPN’s Get Up. Griffin, also known as RGIII, boldly declared that Tom Brady doesn’t want Patrick Mahomes to come anywhere near his record. This bold statement has reignited the debate about whether the 43-year-old Brady will make a return to the NFL and continue to build on his already impressive legacy.

Brady, who recently won his seventh Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has made it clear that he has no intention of retiring anytime soon. However, the idea of Mahomes, the 25-year-old star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, potentially breaking his records seems to have struck a nerve with Brady. He even made a comment on social media, saying “I’m going for two” in reference to his seven Super Bowl wins compared to Mahomes’ one.

Could Brady Make a Comeback?

The discussion on the Get Up show revolved around whether Brady would be able to maintain his physical prowess and skill level to continue playing at a high level. Many experts and fans alike have debated if his recent Super Bowl win is a sign that he still has what it takes to compete in the NFL. RGIII himself argued that Brady would not want to end his career with Mahomes potentially surpassing his records, giving him a possible motivation to return to the field.

However, others argue that Brady has nothing left to prove and is content with his current status as a successful and legendary quarterback. It’s also worth noting that he is under contract with the Buccaneers for another year, making any potential comeback even more complicated.

For now, the debate about Brady’s potential return remains just speculation. But one thing is for sure – the sports world will continue to closely monitor the situation and eagerly await any updates. Who knows, maybe Action Packed News will have the inside scoop when it comes to Brady’s decision. Stay tuned!

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