Popular Ski Resort Palisades Tahoe Closed After Avalanche

Palisades Tahoe ski resort in California temporarily closes after an in-bounds avalanche. Nearby Alpine Meadows also shuts down. No word on any affected individuals.

Palisades Tahoe, a popular ski resort located in California, is currently closed following an avalanche that occurred on Wednesday morning. The resort’s spokesperson confirms that the incident took place at approximately 9:30 AM on January 10th. The avalanche, which happened within the resort’s boundaries, has resulted in the closure of Palisades Tahoe as a safety precaution.

Details of the Avalanche Incident

According to email correspondence between POWDER and Palisades Tahoe officials, an in-bounds avalanche was reported at the resort. The resort’s patrol team is currently conducting a search to ensure the safety of all individuals within the area. It is still unclear whether any skiers or resort staff were affected by the avalanche.

Temporary Closure and Impact

As a result of the avalanche, Palisades Tahoe has made the decision to close temporarily. This closure is crucial for the safety of guests and employees, as it allows the resort to thoroughly assess the aftermath of the avalanche and carry out any necessary rescue efforts. Additionally, neighboring ski resort Alpine Meadows has also closed temporarily as a precautionary measure.


  • Palisades Tahoe, a California ski resort, is closed following an in-bounds avalanche that occurred on Wednesday, January 10th, at approximately 9:30 AM.
  • The avalanche prompted Palisades Tahoe to close temporarily as a safety measure, allowing for search and rescue efforts to take place.
  • Alpine Meadows, a nearby ski resort, has also closed temporarily as a precautionary measure.
  • No information has been provided regarding any individuals affected by the avalanche, and ongoing search efforts are being conducted.
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