Pioneering the Pathway to Prosthetic Perfection: A Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm

Mind-Controlled Bionic Arms Changing Lives

A revolutionary advancement in the field of prosthetics, mind-controlled bionic arms, has been introduced to the world, bringing much-needed hope to the amputee community. Bionics professor, Max Ortiz-Catalan, shared with us the amazing process of how these new bionic arms are directly fused to the body, providing instantaneous feeling in the artificial limb for the amputee.

The Procedure

The procedure of implanting the mind-controlled bionic arm begins with surgically implanting electrodes into the patient’s bone in order to detect the electrical signals from the brain, which are then picked up and acted upon by the prosthesis. Afterwards, the prosthetic is fine-tuned for comfort and movement and the patient is provided training on how to use it in everyday tasks. It is truly incredible to think that amputees are able to regain sensation from these bionic arms, thanks to the amazing work of Professor Max Ortiz-Catalan and his team.

The real-life application of this technology is helping amputees to reclaim their independence and live more fulfilled lives. Action Packed News (APWVT) features medical miracles such as this one, and more, that have made a powerful impact on those using them and have furthered the field of medicine. To learn more, please visit

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