Philippines’ Ocean Health Crisis in South China Sea

Philippines faces ocean crisis ranked 214th globally as China's harmful actions devastate marine ecosystem in West Philippine Sea. Coastal communities and South China Sea at risk.

The Philippines, known for its breathtaking beaches and rich marine ecosystem, is facing a severe deterioration of its ocean health. According to the latest Ocean Health Index, the country ranks a dismal 214th out of 220 countries. This alarming decline can be attributed, in significant part, to China’s destructive campaign in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

China’s Destructive WPS Campaign:

China’s aggressive actions in the disputed waters of the WPS have had devastating effects on the Philippine marine ecosystem. The WPS, part of the wider South China Sea, has long been a point of contention between China and the Philippines. China’s encroachment and illegal activities, such as the construction of artificial islands and overfishing, have caused irreparable damage to the marine environment.

A recent study highlighted the deteriorating state of the Philippine ocean systems, pointing to a further decline in ocean health. The country’s poor ranking in the Ocean Health Index is a cause for concern as it raises questions about the sustainability of the marine ecosystem and the future of Philippine coastal communities.

Implications and Importance:

The degradation of the ocean health in the Philippines has far-reaching consequences. The country’s marine ecosystem is not only a valuable source of biodiversity, but it also plays a crucial role in providing livelihoods for millions of Filipinos who depend on fishing and tourism industries. The decline in ocean health threatens the sustainability of these industries, further exacerbating poverty and economic inequality.

Moreover, the deteriorating marine ecosystem affects the overall health of the Philippine Sea and the wider South China Sea. These waters serve as a vital transit route for maritime trade, and their ecological health is of global importance. The continued degradation poses a significant risk not only to the Philippines but also to neighboring countries and regional stability.


  1. The Philippines ranks 214th out of 220 countries in the Ocean Health Index, indicating a severe decline in ocean health.
  2. China’s destructive campaign in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) is a significant factor contributing to the deterioration of the country’s marine ecosystem.
  3. A recent study highlights the worsening state of the Philippine ocean systems.
  4. The degradation of the marine ecosystem has implications for the livelihoods of coastal communities and the overall health of the Philippine Sea and South China Sea.

Source: “PH ocean health: From bad to worse amid China invasion of WPS, Philippine ocean systems deteriorating, says study – Asia News Network” (insert link)

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