Pakistan’s Babar Azam Leads Team for T20 World Cup

Pakistan's T20 World Cup journey revs up with Babar Azam at the helm. Controversies brew over squad selections and team dynamics.

In June, the ninth edition of the T20 World Cup is set to get underway in the West Indies and USA, and the Pakistan national cricket team is gearing up for the tournament. Led by captain Babar Azam, the team is hoping to add another trophy to their collection. The excitement is building as the team prepares for their first T20I match against Ireland, which is scheduled for Friday. This match will serve as a warm-up for the upcoming series against England and will provide an opportunity for the players to fine-tune their skills before the World Cup.

Pakistan Announces Squad for Ireland and England T20Is

The Pakistan Cricket Board recently announced the team for the upcoming T20I matches against Ireland and England. The players selected for the squad are expected to be a part of the T20 World Cup as well. However, the omission of Mohammad Haris from the squad has sparked outrage among some fans. They believed that Haris could have been a valuable asset to the team and his exclusion has left them disappointed.

Aamir Jamal’s Subtle Dig at Babar Azam

Aamir Jamal, who was dropped from the Pakistan T20 squad for the matches against Ireland and England, took to social media to express his feelings. In a cryptic post, he seemed to make a subtle dig at Babar Azam. While it is unclear what exactly Jamal meant, his comments have certainly raised eyebrows and led to speculation about the dynamics within the team.

Shahid Afridi Surprised by Non-Selection of All-Rounders

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi expressed surprise over the non-selection of two all-rounders in the Pakistan T20I squad. Afridi believes that having all-rounders in the team adds balance and versatility, and their absence could be a disadvantage for Pakistan. His remarks have ignited a debate among cricket enthusiasts and have raised questions about the team’s selection strategy.

Mohammad Haris and Ahmed Shehzad Controversy

Mohammad Haris’ omission from the Pakistan T20 squad has caused a stir within the cricket community. Ahmed Shehzad, a fellow cricketer, went on an epic rant against Haris, questioning his abilities and suggesting that he did not deserve to be in the team. Shehzad’s comments have fueled controversy and created divisions among fans and players alike.

Babar Azam Reveals Reason for Mohammad Haris’ Non-Selection

“Mohammad Haris missed out on selection due to the team’s specific requirements for the upcoming series and the T20 World Cup,” Babar Azam disclosed in a recent interview. He further emphasized that the selection process is based on merit and the best possible combination of players for each match is chosen.

Here is a summary list of the news points:

  • Pakistan national cricket team prepares for T20 World Cup.
  • Babar Azam leads the team for the upcoming matches against Ireland and England.
  • Mohammad Haris’ omission from the squad sparks controversy and disappointment among fans.
  • Aamir Jamal’s cryptic comments on social media raise questions about team dynamics.
  • Shahid Afridi expresses surprise at the non-selection of all-rounders.
  • Ahmed Shehzad’s rant against Mohammad Haris stirs up controversy.
  • Babar Azam explains the reason for Mohammad Haris’ non-selection in an interview.
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