Notre Dame freshmen stars shine in ACC basketball showdown

Notre Dame's freshmen stars shine, defeating Georgia Tech in a thrilling ACC tournament matchup. The Cadillac of conference tournaments is in full swing!

The 2024 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament is underway, with all 15 ACC teams competing at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. The tournament, known as the Cadillac of conference tournaments, brings together basketball blue-bloods to battle for the championship. The top seeds for the tournament are North Carolina and Duke. In the first round, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will face off against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Freshmen Shrewsberry and Burton lead Notre Dame to victory

Freshmen Braeden Shrewsberry and Markus Burton had a stellar performance, scoring a combined 44 points, as 12th-seeded Notre Dame won their opening game in the ACC Tournament. The Fighting Irish defeated Georgia Tech with a final score of 84-80. Both teams fought hard, resulting in a thrilling game that showcased the talents of these young players. Notre Dame’s victory sets the tone for the rest of the tournament, as they move on to the next round.

Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech matchup

The first-round matchup between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish took place at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. Both teams were determined to secure a spot in the next round of the ACC Tournament. Although Georgia Tech made a strong comeback attempt, Notre Dame’s dynamic duo of Shrewsberry and Burton proved too much to handle, leading their team to victory.

ACC Tournament scores and bracket updates

  • 12th-seeded Notre Dame defeats Georgia Tech 84-80
  • North Carolina and Duke are the top seeds
  • Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. hosts the tournament
  • The ACC Tournament is known as the Cadillac of conference tournaments

The ACC Tournament is a major event in college basketball, showcasing the best teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference. The outcome of this tournament will have a significant impact on the teams’ chances of securing a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Fans eagerly anticipate the matchups and results, as each game brings excitement and determines who will ultimately be crowned the ACC champion.

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