North Korea Implements Ban on Leather Trench Coats

North Korea bans leather trench coats, further limiting citizens' fashion choices. Critics argue it infringes personal freedoms, while others see it as a control tactic.

In a move that underscores the extent of control the North Korean government exerts over its citizens, the country has instituted a ban on leather trench coats. The ban, which was introduced recently by Kim Jong Un’s regime, prohibits the manufacturing, sale, and wearing of leather trench coats within North Korea.

Background and Significance

This ban on leather trench coats is the latest example of the North Korean government’s strict regulations on fashion and personal appearance. It reaffirms the regime’s commitment to maintaining control over the citizenry and preserving a unified national identity. North Korea’s state-controlled media outlets have emphasized that the ban is intended to combat the infiltration of Western fashion and culture, which they believe undermines their own socialist values.

Leather trench coats have gained popularity among some individuals in North Korea, particularly in urban areas, where fashion trends from the West often circulate despite the regime’s efforts to suppress them. The ban on leather trench coats is seen as a means to curb this trend and reinforce conformity among citizens.

Implications and Reactions

For many North Koreans, fashion choices are limited to what the regime deems appropriate. The ban on leather trench coats further restricts the options available to citizens, leaving them with even fewer expressions of personal style. This restriction represents a form of control exercised by the government, highlighting its desire to regulate not just political and economic aspects but also individual choices and self-expression.

Critics argue that the ban on leather trench coats is an unnecessary infringement on personal freedoms. They view it as an attempt by the government to tighten its grip on the population and suppress any signs of dissent or individuality. However, the majority of North Koreans may not openly voice their discontent due to fear of reprisals.


  1. North Korea has instituted a ban on leather trench coats, prohibiting their manufacturing, sale, and wearing within the country.
  2. The ban reflects the government’s control over fashion choices and its aim to combat Western influence.
  3. Citizens’ personal style options are further limited, highlighting the extent of government control over individual expression.
  4. Critics argue that the ban infringes on personal freedoms, while others see it as a means of suppressing dissent and enforcing conformity.

“The ban on leather trench coats in North Korea is another example of the government’s dedication to controlling its citizens and limiting personal expression.” – Anonymous critic

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