Nomadic Couple Embraces Tiny School Bus Home

Breaking: Josh and Emily Scherrer embrace nomadic living in a converted school bus, joining the trendy tiny house movement to escape costly US housing.

A couple named Josh and Emily Scherrer have decided to live a nomadic lifestyle by converting a school bus into their home. For the past two years, the couple has been living and working full-time from their “Skoolie,” as they call it. By embracing the tiny house movement, they have managed to escape the expensive housing market in the United States and have found a practical and affordable way to live on the road.

Living on the road in a converted school bus

Josh, 27, and Emily Scherrer, 28, have embraced a nomadic lifestyle by converting a school bus into their full-time mobile home. With rising housing costs in the United States, the couple decided to ditch traditional living and explore the tiny house movement. Their Skoolie, a converted school bus, has become their practical and affordable solution to provide a home on wheels while also allowing them to work remotely.

A practical alternative to expensive housing

The Scherrers’ decision to convert a school bus into their home stemmed from the high costs of renting or owning a house in cities across the United States. By embracing the tiny house movement, they have been able to save money on housing expenses and live a more minimalist lifestyle. Their Skoolie features a striking and practical interior, including a spacious bathroom, making it a comfortable and compact home on wheels.

Living the “Skoolie” lifestyle

  1. The couple has been living in and working from their Skoolie for the past two years.
  2. Their converted school bus provides them with a practical and affordable home on wheels.
  3. By embracing the tiny house movement, they have found a solution to escape the expensive housing market.
  4. The interior of their Skoolie features unique and ingenious features to maximize space.

“We quit the rat race and got a £5.5k school bus to convert into our dream 40ft home – we don’t pay for hotels or rent, and we’re free to travel wherever we want,” says Josh Scherrer.

The Scherrers’ nomadic lifestyle and their converted school bus have received attention for offering an alternative to the traditional housing market. By living in a Skoolie, the couple has found a practical and cost-effective way to achieve their dream of a home on wheels while also being able to work remotely. Their story highlights the growing popularity of the tiny house movement and the desire for individuals and families to live in a more sustainable and affordable manner.

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