Nicole Brown Simpson’s Burial at Ascension Cemetery Revealed

Nicole Brown Simpson's tragic murder in '94 sparked sensational media frenzy. Resting at Ascension Cemetery, whispers swirl about O.J.'s actions at her funeral.

NICOLE Brown Simpson, ex-wife of O.J. Simpson, tragically passed away on June 12, 1994, after being brutally stabbed to death at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The murder of Nicole, along with Ron Goldman, a friend who was visiting her at the time, garnered huge media attention and sparked one of the most sensational trials in American history. O.J. Simpson, a former professional football player and Nicole’s ex-husband, was tried for the double homicide but was eventually acquitted after a highly publicized trial that lasted for months.

Where is Nicole Simpson buried?

Nicole Brown Simpson was laid to rest at the Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, California. The cemetery, located in Orange County, is known as the final resting place for many individuals, and Nicole’s grave is among those peacefully situated within its grounds. Her burial site became a place of remembrance and reflection for her family, friends, and supporters seeking solace after her tragic and untimely death.

Did O.J. kiss her at her funeral?

There were rumors circulating in the media regarding whether O.J. Simpson kissed Nicole Brown Simpson at her funeral. However, there is no concrete evidence or reliable accounts confirming or denying such an event. It is important to note that the private moments during a funeral service are typically shielded from public view, and speculation regarding any actions taken by O.J. Simpson at the funeral should be treated with caution.


  • Nicole Brown Simpson was tragically stabbed to death in 1994.
  • O.J. Simpson was tried for her murder but was eventually acquitted.
  • Nicole Brown Simpson is buried at Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, California.
  • Rumors circulated about whether O.J. Simpson kissed her at her funeral, but there is no substantial evidence to support or refute this claim.

No public accounts or reliable evidence confirm whether O.J. Simpson kissed Nicole Brown Simpson at her funeral.

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