NFL Draft: Clemson’s Shipley, Potential Sleeper Running Back

Former Clemson running back Will Shipley draws comparison to a Pro Bowler ahead of 2024 NFL Draft, positioned as a sleeper running back.

Former Clemson running back Will Shipley is drawing comparisons to a Pro Bowler ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft for his sleeper nature at this stage. Shipley, who had a solid career at Clemson, is now looking to showcase his skills in the NFL. As the draft approaches, it is an excellent time to highlight some of the best players in the class, including Shipley, and provide scouting reports.

Shipley’s Versatility and Potential

Will Shipley, out of Clemson, is known for his versatility and his ability to contribute in various aspects of the game. He has shown the potential to be a do-it-all player, which makes him an attractive prospect for NFL teams. As a day-three pick, Shipley is expected to make an NFL roster and could emerge as one of the top sleeper running backs in the draft.

Continuing Clemson’s Legacy of Star Running Backs

Clemson, under the guidance of coach Dabo Swinney, has produced a number of star running backs over the years. Shipley is the latest in this lineage, following in the footsteps of talented players who have made an impact in both college football and the NFL. With his skills and potential, Shipley has the opportunity to continue this legacy and make a name for himself at the professional level.

Scouting Report and Combine Results

Shipley’s performance in the NFL Combine and his scouting report have created much anticipation for his potential in the upcoming draft. With his athleticism, agility, and ability to excel as a pass catcher, Shipley has caught the attention of scouts and experts. His combine results and overall skill set position him as a player who could be a steal in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Potential Sleeper Running Back

When it comes to the running back position in the NFL Draft, Will Shipley has the potential to emerge as the top sleeper. His versatility, playmaking ability, and fit in various offensive schemes make him an intriguing prospect for teams looking to add depth to their backfield. As the draft approaches, the spotlight is on Shipley, and there is anticipation to see where he will land and how he will perform at the professional level.

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“Shipley has shown great versatility and potential during his time at Clemson, making him an intriguing prospect for the NFL Draft.”

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