Murali Kartik’s Controversial Remark Sparks Outrage in Cricket World

Murali Karthik faces backlash for calling RCB player "trash" during IPL match, sparking debate on sportsmanship and language in cricket.

Former India international Murali Karthik has made headlines on Monday for a controversial remark he made during the IPL 2024 match between Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) and Punjab Kings. During the match, Karthik made an on-air comment that drew the ire of RCB fans. This incident has sparked a debate and criticism towards Karthik, and has raised questions about sportsmanship and the responsible use of language in cricket.

Background of the Incident

Murali Karthik, a former Indian spinner who has represented the country at the international level, found himself in hot water during the RCB vs PBKS match in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. While commentating on the game, Karthik made a controversial statement regarding RCB player Yash Dayal, referring to him as “trash” in his on-air remark. This remark did not go unnoticed by RCB fans, who immediately called out Karthik for his choice of words and deemed it disrespectful and inappropriate.

The Impact and Reaction

Following Karthik’s comment, social media platforms were flooded with criticism towards the former cricketer. Many fans expressed their disappointment, calling his remark disgraceful and unsportsmanlike. The incident has raised questions about the responsibility of cricket commentators and the need for them to maintain professionalism and respect towards players. It has also sparked discussions about the use of derogatory language in the world of sports and the impact it can have on athletes.


  • Former India international Murali Karthik receives backlash for his controversial on-air remark during the IPL 2024 match between RCB and PBKS.
  • Karthik referred to RCB player Yash Dayal as “trash,” which has been criticized as disrespectful.
  • Social media platforms are filled with criticism towards Karthik, with fans deeming his remark as unsportsmanlike and a disgrace.
  • This incident has ignited debates about the role and responsibility of cricket commentators and the use of derogatory language in sports.
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