Motorola Unveils Edge 50 Pro with Surprise Fusion Model

Motorola stuns with Edge 50 Pro launch in India on April 3, now accompanied by the exciting new addition, Edge 50 Fusion.

Motorola is set to unveil its highly anticipated smartphone, the Edge 50 Pro, at an event in India on April 3. However, recent leaks have revealed that a new addition to the lineup, the Edge 50 Fusion, will also be launched alongside it. This comes after earlier leaked renders gave us a glimpse of the Motorola Edge Plus (2024), suggesting that there will be multiple new Motorola phones hitting the market soon. The Edge 50 Pro, also known as X50 Ultra or Edge+ (2024), will be released on April 3, marking an exciting new addition to Motorola’s smartphone offerings.

New Leak Reveals Additional Addition to the Lineup

While all eyes were on the upcoming Edge 50 Pro launch, a new leak has now revealed that the Edge 50 Fusion will be launched alongside it. This leak has caused much anticipation and speculation amongst smartphone enthusiasts, as they eagerly await more details and information about this new addition to Motorola’s lineup.

“Motorola is expanding its smartphone offerings with the launch of the Edge 50 Fusion, which will accompany the highly anticipated Edge 50 Pro at the upcoming event in India on April 3.”

Motorola Confirms Edge 50 Pro Launch Details

Motorola has officially confirmed the launch date for the Edge 50 Pro, which is set to make its debut in India on April 1. The company has also unveiled some of the phone’s specifications, further building anticipation among consumers. However, leaked details of a cheaper alternative to the Edge 50 Pro have intrigued smartphone enthusiasts even more, as they eagerly await more information about this upcoming device.

“Motorola has confirmed that the highly anticipated Edge 50 Pro will be launched in India on April 1, and the company has revealed several specifications of the device. However, leaked details of a more affordable alternative have now surfaced, adding to the excitement surrounding the Motorola smartphone lineup.”

Upcoming Smartphones in April and May 2024

In April and May 2024, renowned smartphone brands are preparing to launch a new line-up of devices. From affordable options to mid-range offerings, consumers can expect a wide range of choices when it comes to upgrading their smartphones. Motorola’s Edge 50 Fusion is among the devices expected to launch during this time, as leaks of its renders and specifications have already started circulating online.

“April and May 2024 will see the release of several highly anticipated smartphones from renowned brands. Motorola’s Edge 50 Fusion is one of the devices generating excitement, with leaked renders and specifications giving consumers a glimpse of what to expect.”

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