Met Office Issues Severe Thunderstorm Warning for United Kingdom

Met Office issues severe thunderstorm warning for Wales, with temperatures set to hit 27°C before disruptive weather strikes across the UK. 🌩️🌧️ #WeatherAlert #ThunderstormUK

Heavy rain, thunderstorms, and hail are expected to bring disruption across large parts of Wales on Sunday, as the Met Office has issued a weather warning. Temperatures on Sunday could reach as high as 26.5°C, marking the peak of a warm and sunny spell that may come to an end by Monday morning. The Met Office has issued yellow weather alerts across the UK, signaling the end of the nation’s warm weather. Meteorologists predict that the temperature will reach 27°C on Sunday before thunderstorms roll in, potentially resulting in fast-flowing or deep floodwaters that pose a danger to life.

Warnings of Disruption and Potential Flooding

As Britons bask in sunshine today, with Sunday expected to be the hottest day of the year so far, the Met Office has issued a warning that the good weather is not here to stay. Sun lovers are making the most of what could be the last day of the warmer and drier weather across the UK on Sunday. Chertsey in Surrey recorded the warmest temperature of 27.5°C, while Usk in South Wales reached 25.3°C, according to the Met Office. However, people have been advised to prepare for flooding and travel disruption due to the possibility of heavy rainfall and lightning on Sunday and Monday. A yellow warning for heavy showers and thunderstorms has been issued for parts of Devon, indicating localized disruption and potential damage.

  • Thunderstorms, heavy rain, and hail are forecasted for large parts of Wales on Sunday.
  • A weather warning from the Met Office indicates possible disruption.
  • The warm and sunny spell in the UK is set to come to an end.
  • Temperatures may reach 27°C on Sunday before thunderstorms roll in.
  • Fast-flowing or deep floodwaters could present a danger to life.
  • Yellow weather warnings are in place across the country.
  • Chertsey in Surrey recorded the highest temperature of 27.5°C.
  • People have been advised to expect flooding and travel disruption.

“Sun seekers are making the most of the dry and warm weather, but the Met Office warns that this will soon come to an end with the arrival of thunderstorms.” – Met Office spokesperson

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