Mbappé’s Clash with Enrique Amid PSG’s Ligue 1 Draw

PSG draws with Clermont—Mbappé confronts Enrique as tensions rise ahead of Barcelona showdown in UEFA Champions League. Ligue 1 drama!

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) faced a setback in their recent match against Clermont, as they were only able to secure a draw. The match took place in Paris, and despite the home advantage, PSG struggled to find their form. This match was particularly important as Luis Enrique, the coach of FC Barcelona, had his sights set on the performance of PSG stars ahead of their upcoming clash in the UEFA Champions League. The draw against Clermont did not bode well for PSG’s preparation for the highly anticipated match against Barcelona.

Luis Enrique and Kylian Mbappé’s “Crossover” after PSG’s Draw

Following the 1-1 draw against Clermont, attention was drawn to an apparent disagreement between Kylian Mbappé and PSG boss Luis Enrique. The young French superstar was seen confronting Enrique on the pitch, highlighting a potential tension between the player and the coach. This incident raised concerns about the atmosphere within the PSG team, especially as they approach the crucial Champions League clash against Barcelona.

“The image that demonstrates the bad atmosphere at PSG between Mbappé and Luis Enrique” – Source

These recent events have sparked further discourse among fans and observers alike. The anticipation for the Barcelona-PSG match has heightened as the tension between Mbappé and Enrique unfolds. It is reported that Enrique consciously chose to rest Mbappé and other key starters in the previous match, which was perceived as a “prick” before facing Barcelona. This decision may have contributed to the frustration expressed by Mbappé on the pitch.


The recent draw against Clermont has exposed PSG’s lack of form and raises concerns about their readiness for the upcoming Champions League match against Barcelona. The confrontation between Kylian Mbappé and Luis Enrique highlights potential tensions within the team, adding further intrigue to the forthcoming clash. PSG must resolve any internal issues swiftly in order to maximize their chances against Barcelona.

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