Max Abmas Shines for Oral Roberts in NCAA Tournament

Max Abmas from Oral Roberts is set to dominate the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with his scoring prowess, attracting NBA scouts' attention.

Last year’s NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament was a memorable one for the Dallas area, with six local players making it to the NBA draft in 2023. One standout player from Texas, Max Abmas, garnered attention with his exceptional scoring abilities. Abmas began his college career at Oral Roberts University, and his prolific scoring has placed him in a league of his own as he enters the 2024 NCAA Tournament. His performance and potential make him a player to watch in this year’s tournament.

Max Abmas: A Scoring Sensation

Max Abmas, a guard from Texas, has been a scoring sensation throughout his college career. Having started at Oral Roberts University, Abmas has showcased his ability to put up impressive numbers on the scoreboard. This season, he has consistently led his team in scoring and has made a name for himself as one of the top scoring guards in the country.

“Abmas’ prolific scoring during a college career that began at Oral Roberts puts him in a class of his own entering the 2024 NCAA Tournament.”

As the NCAA Tournament kicks off, Abmas’ scoring prowess will be a key factor for the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles men’s basketball team. His ability to find the basket and create scoring opportunities for his teammates will play a crucial role in their success throughout the tournament. Abmas’ performance will undoubtedly be closely watched by both fans and NBA scouts, as his exceptional skills could potentially pave the way for a professional basketball career.

10 Locals to Watch in the NCAA Tournament

In addition to Max Abmas, there are several other local players to keep an eye on during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Ja’Kobe Walter, another standout from Texas, has also showcased his skills on the court and will be an important player for his team’s success. These local talents bring a sense of pride to their respective communities and add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

Leadership and Performance in the Tournament

  • Max Abmas: A guard from Texas who has been an exceptional scorer throughout his college career.
  • Ja’Kobe Walter: Another Texas player to watch, known for his skills on the court.


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