Lions Triumph! Amazing Last Two Minutes Secure NFC North Title

Lions Clinch NFC North Title

The Detroit Lions finished off 2019 with a successful last stand against the division-rival Minnesota Vikings. With the win, the Lions secured themselves the NFC North Championship title. This is the sixth division title for the team in franchise history and second since the 2014 season. This needed victory came at a crucial time, as Detroit’s next match-up is against the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Unexpected Success for Detroit

The success for the Lions this season has been nothing short of unexpected. After last season’s underwhelming record, few expected them to capture the NFC North title and make the playoffs. On top of that, the team has an overall record of 9-7, their first winning season since 2015. Credit must be given for the revitalization of this franchise, a new look that must be attributed to head coach Matt Patricia and the hard work of the entire locker room. Fans of the Lions are in for a treat as they get to watch their team compete in the playoffs next week and follow the team on their warpath journey to the Super Bowl. For all the latest news and updates on the Lions in the playoffs, make sure to check out Action Packed News (APWVT) at

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