Liam Williams Warns Sheeraz: Take No Prisoners in WBC Title Fight

Liam Williams warns Sheeraz of complacency ahead of WBC title fight. Sheeraz eyes future fight with Chris Eubank Jr. or Liam Smith. Exciting undercard and event details.

British middleweight Liam Williams has warned his rival Hamzah Sheeraz of complacency as they prepare to fight this weekend for the WBC title. The highly anticipated bout will take place on Saturday in London at the Copper Box Arena. Williams, a middleweight contender, has expressed his determination to approach the fight with a “take no prisoners” mentality, emphasizing the importance of securing a victory to continue his world title bid. Sheeraz, on the other hand, is hoping for a strong performance against Williams to potentially set up a future fight with a major British star, such as Chris Eubank Jr. or Liam Smith.

Williams Warns Sheeraz of Complacency

As the fight between Liam Williams and Hamzah Sheeraz draws near, Williams has issued a warning to his opponent, urging him not to underestimate the challenge ahead. Williams understands the importance of this title fight and is determined to leave no room for complacency. With his sights set on a world title, Williams knows that a victory against Sheeraz is crucial for his career progression. He plans to bring a “take no prisoners” mentality to the ring, leaving no doubt about his determination to come out on top.

Sheeraz’s Future Aspirations

While Sheeraz is focused on his upcoming fight against Williams, he has his eyes on the future. A win on Saturday could pave the way for a potential fight against British stars in the middleweight division, such as Chris Eubank Jr. or Liam Smith. Sheeraz sees this bout as a stepping stone towards bigger opportunities and aims to leave a lasting impression with an impressive performance. He believes that a victory against Williams will not only solidify his own standing but also open doors to more high-profile matchups.

Undercard and Event Details

Before the highly anticipated main event between Hamzah Sheeraz and Liam Williams, the undercard will showcase a list of fights featuring both local veterans and promising young prospects. The event, taking place at the Copper Box Arena, promises an exciting night of boxing for fans. Additionally, the fight will be broadcasted on TNT Sports and discovery+ on February 10, providing viewers with the opportunity to witness the action live.


  • British middleweight Liam Williams warns Hamzah Sheeraz of complacency ahead of their WBC title fight
  • Williams plans to bring a “take no prisoners” mentality to the ring
  • Sheeraz hopes for a victory over Williams to set up future fights with Chris Eubank Jr. or Liam Smith
  • The undercard of the event will feature both local veterans and young prospects
  • The fight between Sheeraz and Williams will be broadcasted on TNT Sports and discovery+

Sources: The Ring, The Sporting News

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