Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan’s Memorable Cigar Room Encounter

Former coach Phil Jackson reveals the secret cigar room meeting between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, showcasing Bryant's legendary confidence and their mutual admiration.

During the unveiling of Kobe Bryant’s first statue outside of Crypto.com Arena, former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson shared an interesting story of a memorable encounter between Bryant and Michael Jordan. This meeting took place in a cigar room and served as a perfect representation of Bryant’s unwavering confidence.

The Cigar Room Encounter

Phil Jackson recounted a significant moment in Kobe Bryant’s career. He revealed that Bryant had a secret meeting with basketball legend Michael Jordan, which took place in a cigar room. This unexpected encounter between two basketball icons became an amusing and unforgettable moment.

“I remember one particular time when Kobe and Michael had this cigar room meeting,” Jackson reminisced. “They were discussing different aspects of the game, but what stood out the most was the incredible confidence both players exuded.”

This revelation sheds light on the deep respect and admiration that Bryant held for Jordan, whom he often looked up to as a mentor and role model. The meeting in the cigar room provided Bryant with the opportunity to engage in a candid conversation with his idol, further cementing their bond and mutual love for the game.

An Encapsulation of Kobe Bryant’s Confidence

The cigar room encounter aptly represents Bryant’s unparalleled self-assurance. Known for his unrelenting drive and determination on the basketball court, Bryant showcased his confidence even in casual settings. This meeting with Jordan epitomized Bryant’s belief in his own abilities, as he fearlessly interacted with the very person who had inspired him to greatness.

“It was amazing to witness the level of confidence that both Kobe and Michael possessed,” Jackson explained. “They were both so assured of their skills, their knowledge of the game, and their place in basketball history. It was a surreal moment that truly encapsulated what made Kobe such a special player.”

Implications and Importance

This story holds significance as it offers a glimpse into the personal interactions between two basketball icons. The meeting in the cigar room portrays the unwavering confidence and determination that fueled Bryant’s illustrious career. It symbolizes the passing of the torch from one legendary player to another, as Jordan mentored and guided Bryant towards greatness.

This revelation also highlights the impact that Jordan had on Bryant’s career and the profound influence he had on shaping the Lakers’ star player. It serves as a reminder of the deep connections and relationships that exist within the basketball community, showcasing the respect and admiration shared between players who have left an indelible mark on the sport.


  • Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson shared a story about a secret meeting between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan in a cigar room.
  • The encounter showcased Bryant’s unwavering confidence and admiration for Jordan.
  • The meeting represented the passing of the torch from one basketball legend to another.
  • This story emphasizes the personal connections and relationships within the basketball community.
  • Citation: “I remember one particular time when Kobe and Michael had this cigar room meeting…” – Phil Jackson.

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