Kansas City Hit by Severe Storm: Tornado Strikes Smithville Lake

Severe thunderstorm warning in Kansas City as EF-1 tornado wreaks havoc near Smithville Lake. Two injured, structures destroyed. Stay safe amidst the storm chaos!

The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down earlier this morning in Kansas. The EF-1 tornado caused significant damage near Smithville Lake, north of Kansas City. This popular camping spot was hit hard by the severe weather, resulting in multiple structures being wrecked. Two individuals were injured as a result of the tornado. The tornado warning and subsequent damage serve as a reminder of the destructive power of severe thunderstorms and the importance of being prepared.

The Tornado Strikes Smithville Lake and Causes Damage

The confirmed tornado touched down at Smithville Lake in Kansas City’s Northland on Tuesday morning. This area was heavily affected by severe storms that rolled through Clay County. The EF-1 tornado left several structures in ruins, including a family’s temporary home. The Kemp family had set up their travel trailer on the edge of a campground near the lake, which was unfortunately overturned by the tornado. They have now lost their home for the second time and will need assistance to rebuild.

Details of the tornado’s strength and path have been revealed through the National Weather Service’s storm survey. The preliminary results indicate that it was an EF-1 tornado with a maximum wind speed of 95 miles per hour. The powerful storms that swept through Kansas City metro area on Tuesday morning triggered tornado sirens across the Northland. The tornado warning and subsequent damage caused a temporary disruption and heightened awareness among residents.

Despite the destruction caused by the tornado, the area experienced a relatively quiet evening on Wednesday. However, more storms are expected to develop later into the night, with hail posing the main threat along with heavy rainfall. The National Weather Service continues to monitor the situation closely.


  • A confirmed EF-1 tornado touched down at Smithville Lake, north of Kansas City, causing extensive damage to structures.
  • Two individuals were injured as a result of the tornado.
  • The Kemp family lost their temporary home, a travel trailer located near the lake.
  • The tornado warning and damage highlight the need for preparedness in the face of severe weather.
  • Preliminary results from the National Weather Service indicate the tornado had a maximum wind speed of 95 miles per hour.
  • Severe thunderstorms and the threat of more storms continue to be monitored by the National Weather Service.

Video from The Weather Channel shows footage of the damage caused by the tornado near Smithville Lake.

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