Jordan Spieth’s Son Steals Spotlight at Masters Par 3

Jordan Spieth's son, Sammy, wows at Masters Par 3 Contest with impressive tee shot, stealing the show at Augusta National. Fred Couples approves.

During the Masters Tournament Par 3 Contest at Augusta National Golf Club on Wednesday, one of the highlights of Masters week, Jordan Spieth’s son, Sammy, captivated the crowd with his adorable and impressive golf skills. As the spectators looked on, Sammy confidently teed up his ball and took a swing with his driver, sending the ball soaring through the air. The moment was a delightful and heartwarming sight, showcasing the next generation of talent in the world of golf.

Jordan Spieth’s Son Shines at the Masters Par 3 Contest

Jordan Spieth, a renowned professional golfer, participated in the Par 3 Contest, a tradition held annually during Masters week at Augusta National Golf Club. This lighthearted event allows players to compete on a smaller course, offering a fun and relaxed atmosphere for both participants and spectators. As Jordan Spieth took his turn, he was accompanied by his young son, Sammy, who stole the show with his tee shot. The crowd witnessed a special moment when Sammy confidently swung his driver, displaying remarkable skill for such a young player.

While the Par 3 Contest is primarily a light-hearted exhibition, it holds significance in the golfing world. It provides players, both professional and amateur, with an opportunity to showcase their skills while enjoying a more relaxed setting before the intensity of the Masters Tournament. The event also allows fans to witness a more personal and intimate side of their favorite players, as they share the course with their loved ones and engage with the crowd.

Sammy’s impressive tee shot not only brought joy to those present at the Par 3 Contest, but it also captured the attention of golf enthusiasts worldwide. The sight of a young child emulating his father’s golfing prowess symbolizes the continuation of a legacy and the potential for future achievements in the sport. Sammy’s appearance further solidified the familial atmosphere of the Masters Tournament, leaving a lasting impression on both seasoned golf fans and those discovering the game for the first time.

Masters 2024: Jordan Spieth’s son Sammy hits tee shot Par 3 Contest


  • Jordan Spieth’s son, Sammy, impressively hit a tee shot with his driver during the Masters Tournament Par 3 Contest at Augusta National Golf Club.
  • Sammy’s golf skills were showcased in front of a delighted crowd, capturing the attention of golf enthusiasts worldwide.
  • The Par 3 Contest offers players a relaxed and fun environment before the Masters Tournament.
  • Sammy’s shot represents the continuation of a golfing legacy and highlights the familial atmosphere of the Masters Tournament.

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