Joe Flacco Leads Browns to Victory Over Texans: ELITE Indeed!

Joe Flacco’s stellar performance in Browns’ Triumph

Joe Flacco, quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, had a stellar game against the Houston Texans in week 2 of the NFL season, leading his team to a 36-22 win. Flacco ended the game with three touchdowns, extending his impressive career total to 282. He played with poise and accuracy as his team was able to outscore their opponents by double digits in this nail-biter matchup. Thanks to Flacco’s leadership, the Browns are now tied for second place in their division.

Tim Hasselbeck on Flacco’s Feats at ACTION PACKED NEWS

Tim Hasselbeck of ACTION PACKED NEWS weighs in on Flacco’s big outing, saying it was a reminder of why he was one of the league’s MVPs just two years ago. Hasselbeck noted that Flacco’s performance against the Texans very much resembled his play when the Ravens were en route to winning the Super Bowl. He offered praise for the former Ravens quarterback, saying that his performance in this game made him “elite” once again.

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