Joe Biden’s Dog Bites Secret Service: White House Chaos

Joe Biden's dog, Commander, bites Secret Service agents 24 times, prompting safety changes. White House tours halted due to aggressive German Shepherd.

In a series of alarming incidents, Joe Biden’s family dog, Commander, has bitten United States Secret Service personnel at least 24 times. This information was revealed in newly released documents that document the aggressive behavior of the German Shepherd. The attacks occurred at various locations, including the White House, Camp David, and even the president’s vacation home in Delaware. One biting incident was so severe that it temporarily halted White House tours due to blood on the floor. These incidents have prompted the Secret Service to reassess their tactics for the safety of their personnel.

Commander’s Troublesome Behavior

This is not the first time that a presidential dog has made headlines, but Commander’s biting incidents are particularly concerning. The documents show that he had at least 24 biting episodes before being banished from the White House. The severity of these attacks has forced President Biden to make the difficult decision of giving Commander away to relatives. This move comes after the revelation of even more brutal attacks on Secret Service officials.

Secret Service Adjustments

The repeated attacks by Commander have necessitated adjustments in the tactics employed by the United States Secret Service. The agency is responsible for protecting the president and his family, and the safety of their personnel is of utmost importance. The details of these adjustments have not been disclosed, but it is clear that the Secret Service had to revise their approach to ensure the welfare of their agents.


  • Joe Biden’s family dog, Commander, bit United States Secret Service personnel at least 24 times.
  • These incidents occurred at the White House, Camp David, and the president’s vacation home.
  • One biting incident caused a temporary halt in White House tours.
  • Commander’s aggressive behavior led President Biden to give him away to relatives.
  • The Secret Service had to reevaluate their tactics for safety.

Citation: “Joe Biden’s family dog, Commander, has bitten United States Secret Service personnel at least 24 times, prompting the agency to change tactics for safety.” – Released documents

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