Jalen Hurts’ Touchdown Tussle: Mayhem Erupts at the Endzone!


For sports fans, there’s nothing more thrilling than an action-packed highlight moment and the Philadelphia Eagles delivered in spades as QB Jalen Hurts scored a tush-push touchdown. While the move was awesome, it was the ensuing scuffle between AJ Brown and Charvarius Ward that had fans unleashing their excitement.

The Action

The play began with QB Jalen Hurts throwing a deep pass into the endzone towards WR AJ Brown. As the pass sailed through the air, Cornerback (CB) Charvarius Ward positioned himself in front of Brown, seemingly in the perfect spot to defend the pass. Just as the ball seemed destined to fall into his hands, Hurts raced onto the scene, ducking in front of Ward to make the catch for a touchdown. The resulting celebration erupted with Hurts giving a light push to Ward’s rear end that immediately set off the two.

Behind the News

The dust-up was a talking point icing on the cake that was an already exciting touchdown. The highlights of the play can be viewed at Action Packed News! While the touchdown was eventually overturned, it was still an incredible finish in a game the Eagles ultimately won by 4 points. As the season wears on, Philadelphia will look to capitalize on the spark provided by the football’s funny and thrilling tush-push moment.

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