Israel Responds to Rocket Attacks from Lebanon by Hamas

Tensions escalate as Hamas fires rockets from Lebanon towards Israeli sites, prompting IDF airstrikes; border town damaged by missile strike. International calls for restraint amid ongoing conflict.

On February 28, 2024, tensions escalated between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas as Hamas claimed responsibility for firing around 40 rockets from Lebanon towards Israeli military sites in northern Israel. This marked a significant development in the ongoing conflict, as it was the first time that Hamas launched rockets from Lebanon. In response, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out airstrikes in southern Lebanon, targeting Hamas positions. Additionally, there were reports of a suspected drone infiltration in the Upper Galilee region, close to Mount Meron. The alarms were activated in nearby communities, raising concerns over potential security threats.

Multiple Rockets Launched from Southern Lebanon and Gaza

Hamas, the military wing of Palestinian organization Hamas, announced that it had fired a barrage of rockets towards northern Israel from southern Lebanon. This came after the largest barrage of attacks from southern Lebanon on the previous day. Simultaneously, rockets were also launched from Gaza towards the southern parts of Israel. While the IDF confirmed the rocket fire from Lebanon, they stated that there were no reports of hits on their bases. However, Israeli jets retaliated by carrying out airstrikes on targets in southern Lebanon.

Israeli Response and Damage in Israeli Border Town

Facing the rocket attacks from Lebanon, Israel swiftly responded by striking targets in southern Lebanon. The IDF aimed to mitigate the threat posed by Hamas’ rocket launches and ensure the safety of its citizens. In a separate incident, an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon caused damage to a home in the Israeli border town of Kfar Yuval, according to the Upper Galilee Regional Council. These incidents further escalated tensions between Israel and Hamas, heightening concerns about the security situation.

International Reactions and Aid in Gaza

Meanwhile, world journalists called on Israel to exercise restraint and find a way to bridge the gaps before the next ceasefire deal, acknowledging the significant challenges in achieving lasting peace. In the midst of the conflict, Israel’s military carried out airdrops of aid into Gaza, which has been facing a dire humanitarian situation due to the ongoing war. These efforts aimed to address the immediate needs of the population in Gaza, as the conflict continues with no immediate resolution in sight.

  • Hamas claims responsibility for firing rockets from Lebanon towards Israeli military sites.
  • Israeli jets carry out retaliatory airstrikes on southern Lebanon.
  • Multiple rockets are launched from both southern Lebanon and Gaza towards Israel.
  • Israeli Defense Forces respond by striking targets in southern Lebanon.
  • An anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon causes damage in an Israeli border town.
  • World journalists call on Israel to exercise restraint and find a way to bridge gaps for the next ceasefire deal.
  • Israel carries out airdrops of aid into Gaza amid the ongoing conflict.

“The sounds of at least 10 explosions were heard in the Kiryat Shmona settlement in occupied Palestinian territories…” – Tehran Times

“Hamas said more than 40 rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon…” – Times of Israel

“A rocket scored…” – Reuters

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