Iran Strikes Militant Bases in Pakistan, Boosts Regional Security

Iran pounds militant bases in Pakistan; Jaish ul-Adl, a Baloch group, targeted. A bold move by Iran to secure borders and combat extremist threats.

On January 16, 2024 at approximately 12:48 pm, Iran conducted a series of attacks targeting militant bases in Pakistan, according to reports from Iran’s Tasnim news agency and Iranian state media. The attacks specifically targeted the headquarters of the Baloch militant group, Jaish ul-Adl. Iranian forces utilized drones and missiles to destroy two bases of Jaish ul-Adl in Pakistan. These actions by Iran emphasize its commitment to combat militant groups and maintain security in the region.


Jaish ul-Adl is an armed separatist group primarily comprised of Baloch people, who predominantly reside in Iran’s southeastern region. The group has been involved in various militant activities, including cross-border attacks on Iranian security forces and civilians. Known for its insurgency against the Iranian government, Jaish ul-Adl seeks greater rights and autonomy for the Baloch ethnic minority.

Significance of the Attacks

The attacks launched by Iran signify the country’s determination to assert control over its borders and eliminate threats posed by militant groups. Jaish ul-Adl has been a constant source of concern for Iranian authorities due to its ongoing activities and attacks within Iranian territory. By striking the group’s bases in Pakistan, Iran aims to disrupt its operations and reduce the threat it poses to its security and stability.

International Implications

The Iranian attacks in Pakistan have the potential to strain diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries. Pakistan, already facing internal security challenges, will likely face pressure to take action against militant groups that operate from its territory. This incident could also prompt Pakistan and Iran to enhance their cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts and border security.

Relevant Statements

“Iran has conducted airstrikes on two bases of the Baluchi militant group Jaish ul-Adl in Pakistan. Our objective is to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our people from these extremists.” – Islamic Republic News Agency

“The recent attacks launched by Iran on militant bases in Pakistan demonstrate our commitment to eliminating threats and maintaining security within our borders.” – Iranian state media

In Summary:

  • Iran launched attacks on militant bases in Pakistan, specifically targeting the headquarters of the Baloch group Jaish ul-Adl.
  • Drones and missiles were used to destroy two bases of Jaish ul-Adl.
  • The Baloch separatist group has been involved in attacks against Iranian security forces and civilians.
  • The attacks highlight Iran’s determination to combat militant groups and maintain security in the region.
  • These actions may strain diplomatic relations between Iran and Pakistan, while also potentially fostering increased cooperation on counter-terrorism efforts.

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