Instagram Enhances Messaging: Edit, Pin, Personalize with Meta

Instagram rolls out new direct messaging features: edit messages within 15 minutes, turn read receipts on/off, pin important chats, customize read receipts, and save stickers.

Instagram launched direct messaging tools way back in 2013, but there hasn’t been a way to edit them after the fact. That changes today. Following last week’s Instagram update that added a new Lock Screen widget, Meta on Monday released updates for both the Instagram and Facebook apps, including new direct messaging features.

What are the new features?

Instagram users can now edit their direct messages for up to 15 minutes after sending them. This means that if you make a mistake or want to clarify something in a message, you have a window of time to make changes. In addition, users will be able to turn read receipts on or off for individual conversations. This gives users more control over their privacy and the ability to choose when they want others to know if they have read a message. Another new feature is the ability to pin important chats, making it easier to find and access conversations that are most relevant to users. Additionally, customizable read receipts allow users to select from different themes to personalize their messaging experience. And finally, Instagram now allows users to save stickers, making it easier to use them in future conversations.

Why are these updates important?

These updates are significant for Instagram users as they enhance the messaging experience and give users more control and flexibility in their conversations. The ability to edit direct messages after sending them can help avoid misunderstandings or correct errors quickly. Turning read receipts on or off for specific chats allows for more privacy and discretion. Pinning important chats saves time and improves organization within the messaging interface. Customizable read receipts add a personal touch to conversations, and the option to save stickers makes it more convenient to use them in future interactions.


  1. Instagram now allows users to edit their direct messages for up to 15 minutes after sending.
  2. Users can turn read receipts on or off for individual conversations.
  3. The new feature of pinning chats helps users easily access important conversations.
  4. Customizable read receipts offer different themes to personalize the messaging experience.
  5. Instagram allows users to save stickers for future use.

Sources: Instagram, Meta

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