Infosys Office Boy’s Rs 10 Crore Success Impresses Peyush Bansal

Infosys office boy Dadasaheb Bhagat wows Sharks on Shark Tank India with Rs 10 crore company. Aman Gupta outshines Peyush Bansal in deal.

In a recent episode of Shark Tank India season 3, popular sharks Aman Gupta and Radhika Gupta were left impressed by the backstory of entrepreneur Dadasaheb Bhagat. Starting as a daily wage earner, Bhagat has now become the proud owner of a Rs 10 crore company. Despite a nervous pitch, Radhika Gupta and Peyush Bansal provided support and engaged in discussions with Bhagat, showcasing the remarkable journey of his entrepreneurial success.

The Journey of Dadasaheb Bhagat

Dadasaheb Bhagat’s journey from a humble daily wage earner to a successful entrepreneur has captured the attention of the sharks and viewers alike. Starting as an office boy at Infosys, Bhagat worked his way up to build a company worth Rs 10 crore. This incredible transformation showcases determination and hard work, inspiring others to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

Aman Gupta Takes a Dig at Peyush Bansal

In the exciting episode of Shark Tank India, Aman Gupta closed the deal with Dadasaheb Bhagat, leaving Peyush Bansal behind. Gupta took a dig at Bansal as he sealed the deal with the former daily wage earner, highlighting the risks and rewards associated with entrepreneurship. This not only emphasizes Bhagat’s achievement but also adds a touch of competition and drama to the show, keeping viewers engaged.

Overcoming Nerves for a Successful Deal

Despite nervousness during his pitch, Dadasaheb Bhagat didn’t let his nerves stop him from sealing the deal with the sharks. His determination and belief in his business idea shone through, earning the support of both Radhika Gupta and Peyush Bansal. This showcases the importance of confidence and resilience when presenting a business to potential investors, inspiring other budding entrepreneurs to overcome their fears and pursue their dreams.

  • Dadasaheb Bhagat impressed the sharks on Shark Tank India season 3 with his journey from a daily wage earner to a Rs 10 crore company owner.
  • Aman Gupta took a dig at Peyush Bansal as he closed the deal with Bhagat.
  • Bhagat’s nervous pitch didn’t deter Radhika Gupta and Peyush Bansal from supporting and engaging in discussions with him.
  • Starting as an office boy at Infosys, Bhagat’s remarkable journey highlights determination and hard work.
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