Impact of Super Tuesday on United States Presidential Election

Super Tuesday fails to shake up Presidential election; closed primaries exclude independent voters, raising concerns for "the worst in modern history".

With the presidential nominees all but assured, the celebrated ritual lacks suspense – but the upcoming election could go down as ‘the worst in modern history’. On Super Tuesday, the biggest day of voting in the United States outside of the November election, primary contests have so far done little to change the course of the Presidential election. This year, Super Tuesday’s dominance highlights how the presidential selection process can exclude many US voters who are unable to participate in closed primary elections.

The Significance of Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is an important day in the United States presidential primary election. It typically takes place in early March and involves multiple states holding their primary elections on the same day. The term “Super Tuesday” was coined in the 1980s to describe this large-scale voting event. The purpose of Super Tuesday is to help determine the front-runners for each political party to secure their nomination. It is considered a critical turning point in the election cycle and gives candidates the opportunity to gain a large number of delegates, accelerating their path to victory.

The Impact on Voters

However, the process of closed primary elections excludes a significant portion of the US population from participating. Independent voters, like Christian Miller, are unable to vote in these closed primaries, limiting their ability to have a say in the selection of the presidential nominees. Miller, an independent voter in Pennsylvania, expressed frustration over his inability to participate in the closed presidential primary in his state. He believes that his vote wouldn’t matter even if he could participate as an independent.

The exclusion of independent voters is not a new issue, but it has gained renewed attention in this year’s election cycle. Many argue that the primary system is “clearly failing” when it comes to representing the diverse voice of the American electorate.

Concerns for the Future

Looking ahead to the general election, there are growing concerns about its potential to be the worst in modern history. With the nominees for both parties close to being determined, the lack of suspense in the process may dampen voter enthusiasm. Some pundits worry that a lackluster election could further erode trust in the democratic process and undermine the legitimacy of the elected President.

Primary contests have so far done little to change the course of the Presidential election.


  • The upcoming Presidential election lacks suspense but could turn out to be ‘the worst in modern history’.
  • Super Tuesday is the most significant day of voting in the US outside of the November election, with multiple states holding primary elections simultaneously.
  • The closed primary system excludes independent voters, limiting their ability to participate in choosing the presidential nominees.
  • Concerns are growing about the potential impact on voter turnout and the legitimacy of the elected President.

Source: Associated Press

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