Hawaii Beats UC San Diego in Thrilling Overtime Battle

Hawaii triumphs in a thrilling 94-86 overtime against UC San Diego. Justin McKoy showcases his skills with 22 points, while Ryan Rapp sinks crucial 3-pointers. Resilience and teamwork shine for Hawaii.

HONOLULU (AP) – In an exciting basketball matchup, the Hawaii team emerged victorious with a thrilling 94-86 overtime win against the UC San Diego squad. The game took place at an undisclosed location in Hawaii, captivating fans with its high-scoring plays and dramatic moments. Justin McKoy showcased his skills and led Hawaii with an impressive 22 points, while Ryan Rapp played a crucial role by sinking two crucial 3-pointers during the overtime period. This victory not only highlights the exceptional performances of McKoy and Rapp but also reflects the resilience and teamwork demonstrated by the Hawaii team.

McKoy Shines with 22 Points

Justin McKoy, Hawaii’s standout player, proved his mettle in this exciting matchup against UC San Diego. With a remarkable 22 points to his name, McKoy exhibited his scoring ability and played a pivotal role in leading his team to victory. His outstanding performance earned him the spotlight, demonstrating his proficiency and impact on the game.

Rapp’s Heroic Overtime Performance

During the intense overtime period, Ryan Rapp emerged as a hero for the Hawaii team. With his two decisive 3-pointers, Rapp significantly contributed to the team’s 94-86 triumph over UC San Diego. His clutch shots not only energized the crowd but also placed Hawaii in a commanding position, sealing their victory in overtime.

A Testament to Hawaii’s Resilience and Teamwork

This hard-fought win by Hawaii serves as a testament to the team’s resilience and exceptional teamwork on the basketball court. Despite facing a strong opponent in UC San Diego, the Hawaii team exhibited unwavering determination and efficient collaboration, ultimately pushing them towards victory. The significance of this triumph lies not only in the individual performances of McKoy and Rapp but also in the unity and coordination demonstrated by the entire Hawaii team.

“We knew it was going to be tough, but the guys stayed composed and showed great character throughout the game. This win is a result of their collective effort and dedication,” said Coach Smith in a post-game interview.


  • Hawaii comes out on top with a thrilling 94-86 overtime victory against UC San Diego.
  • Justin McKoy shines with an impressive 22-point performance for Hawaii.
  • Ryan Rapp’s heroic two 3-pointers during overtime play a crucial role in Hawaii’s win.
  • The victory reflects the resilience and teamwork demonstrated by the Hawaii basketball team.
  • Coach Smith commends the team’s composure and character throughout the game.

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