Green Bay Sorrow: When Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson Clash

Aaron Rodgers and the Jets: Cause of Frustration for One Fan

As the NFL season progresses, Mike Greenberg, host of Action-Packed News show, has found himself in an interesting position. It would appear that Greeny, as he is known, is a fan of both Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets. Recently a segment from The Pat McAfee Show depicted the current QB landscape in the NFL and made Greeny question his fandom.

The segment hosted a discussion about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets young QB, Zach Wilson, which left a sobbing Greeny lamenting his loyalty to both teams. Rodgers, up to his usual stellar football play, has the Green Bay Packers sitting atop the NFC North standings; and the Jets, thanks mostly to Wilson’s excellent play, have shown promise and already secured a few wins. All this talk of success has left Greeny feeling at a bit of a loss and it’s easy to empathize with his dilemma.

Greeny’s Dilemma

Greeny’s heart is obviously split between two teams, or more specifically two quarterbacks. The NFL QB situation has created a difficult choice for fans like Greeny, who finds himself wishing for failure of one to create success for the other. In a perfect world Greeny could simply cheer for the Packers and wish the best for the Jets, but unfortunately the two teams are vying for much of the same success and it is proving difficult for the fan to manage.

This is an interesting year for Greeny as the Packers and Jets sprint towards the finish line together and we can only hope that eventually he is able to find solace in his fandom. In the meantime, Action-Packed News will continue to follow the Packers’ and Jets’ teams successes and the fan’s plight to get the most out of his favorite teams.

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