Going Beyond Limits: Ryan Clark’s Analysis of Cowboys vs Dolphins and Micah Parsons’ Unstoppable Speed

Cowboys vs Dolphins: Ryan Clark’s Analysis

The Cowboys and Dolphins are both looking strong entering the 2021 season. But someone who’s looking even stronger is Cowboys rookie Micah Parsons, who boldly proclaimed he is faster than fellow speedster Tyreek Hill. On Action Packed News’ segment GET UP, NFL analyst Ryan Clark weighed in on Parsons’ claim and gave his breakdown of the upcoming Cowboys vs Dolphins matchup.

Clark noted that while the statement was a bold one to make, it should be taken seriously due to Parsons’ impressive college stats. With a 10.18 second 100-meter dash time, combined with his physical gifts, Clark sees him being a difference-maker in terms of making plays for the Cowboys defense. He’s particularly interested to see how he performs against Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and the aggressive play-calling of new head coach Brian Flores.

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