“Game On: Why JJ Redick Should Be the Lakers’ Top Pick for Head Coach”

JJ Redick: The Best Choice for Lakers Head Coach and Keeping LeBron in LA

If you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fan, there’s no denying that the past few seasons have been a bit of a letdown. With superstar LeBron James on the roster, expectations were sky high, but unfortunately, the team has failed to make it past the first round of the playoffs. It’s clear that something needs to change in order for the Lakers to be back on top, and according to Shannon Sharpe on First Take, that change should involve JJ Redick as the new head coach.

Known for his sharpshooting abilities and high basketball IQ, Redick has proven himself to be a valuable asset on the court as a player. However, in recent years, Redick has expressed his interest in becoming a coach once his playing career is over. And according to Sharpe, Redick would be the perfect fit for the Lakers.

Sharpe points out that although Redick doesn’t have any coaching experience, his knowledge and understanding of the game would make him a great leader for a team like the Lakers. His work ethic and dedication on the court are qualities that can easily translate to his coaching style. Plus, having played with LeBron in Cleveland for a short period of time, Redick has a familiarity with how the Lakers star operates and what he needs from his teammates.

Keeping LeBron in LA

It’s no secret that LeBron James has had a rocky relationship with the Lakers since joining the team in 2018. From injuries to a constantly changing roster, things haven’t gone as smoothly as many had hoped. In fact, there have been rumors that LeBron might not stay with the Lakers for much longer.

However, according to Sharpe, hiring Redick as head coach would not only improve the team, but it could also be a factor in keeping LeBron in LA. Redick and LeBron have developed a friendship over the years, and having a coach who understands and supports him could be crucial in the decision to stay or leave.

As Sharpe puts it, “JJ Redick is the best option for the Lakers because it would keep LeBron in LA. That’s a win-win situation for the team and for the fans.” Whether or not the Lakers take Sharpe’s advice and hire Redick as their head coach remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Redick has a lot to offer as a coach and could be the key to the Lakers’ success in the future.

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