“Game-Changing Comeback: Celtics Overcome 18-Point Deficit to Dominate Pacers in GM3 – ESPN Reacts”

Action-Packed Game 3: Celtics Make Epic Comeback Against Pacers

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and the Boston Celtics proved that anything can happen in a high-stakes game. In an epic showdown against the Indiana Pacers, the Celtics made an incredible comeback from an 18-point deficit to secure the win in Game 3.

The game was filled with tension and excitement from start to finish. The Pacers came out strong in the first half, making impressive shots and building a lead that seemed insurmountable. But the Celtics refused to back down, and their persistence paid off in the second half. Their determination and resilience were on full display as they chipped away at the deficit, eventually tying the game in the fourth quarter and ultimately securing a 104-96 victory.

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