FSU’s CFP Chances Blown – Unbelievable SEC Blunders Uncovered by Paul Finebaum 🍿 | The Matt Barrie Show

SEC Costs FSU a Spot in College Football Playoff

Paul Finebaum, a renowned sports commentator and host of The Matt Barrie Show, recently discussed the latest College Football Playoff with Matt Barrie, and dropped a few revelatory bombs in the process. While Michigan, Washington, Alabama, and Texas were all named to the semi-finals of the CFP, Finebaum revealed that the SEC may have cost FSU their place in the competition.

How The SEC Played its Part

Though much remains unknown, Finebaum suggested that the SEC may have played its part in what transpired. How exactly does the SEC enter the picture? According to Finebaum, the SEC fuzzed the line between ethics and sportsmanship in two ways that cost the Seminoles a slot in the Playoffs. As of yet, no official comment has been made on the matter from either Finebaum or the SEC. To learn more about the latest in college football and sports, be sure to check out Action Packed News, the leading source in sports news and updates.

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