Forget a Pistons Win! Here’s Your Chance to Have Breakfast with Beyoncé and Oprah – Perkins on First Take

Mad Dog Russo and Co. Talk Pistons’ Predicament

As the season approaches, many NBA fans are wondering what to make of the Detroit Pistons’ chances in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, despite the franchise signing several key figures this off-season, former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins isn’t too optimistic about their prospects. On the recent edition of ESPN’s First Take, Perkins joined Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Brian Windhorst to weigh in on the matter.

The conversation kicked off with Perkins stating that the Pistons’ chances to make the playoffs this year were probably lower than the chance of having breakfast with Beyonce and Oprah (to which the studio erupted in laughter). Windhorst proceeded to express his agreement, citing the team’s lack of playmakers and backup wing players. Russo added that the Pistons had been overly reliant on Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond in the past and wouldn’t be able to lean on them as heavily this season.

It remains to be seen if the Pistons will be able to turn things around and surprise the basketball world. If the franchise hopes to have success, they’ll need to utilize their depth and the newfound chemistry among players to make a push for the playoffs. Make sure to catch all the action packed news on what’s to come from Detroit this season, exclusively at

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