“Firestorm: Stephen A. Smith Takes on the Lakers’ Struggles and Demands Changes!”

Stephen A. Smith Rips into LeBron’s Lakers: Calls for Changes Starting From David Ham

The Los Angeles Lakers have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. From their disappointing performance on the court to the aftermath of the trade deadline, things seem to be falling apart for LeBron James and his team. And ESPN’s own Stephen A. Smith has had enough.

In a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, Smith went off on the Lakers, calling for changes to be made starting from Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach, David Ham. Smith’s passionate rant was sparked by the Lakers’ loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, where they were outscored 136-94. It was their worst loss of the season and showed just how much the Lakers are struggling without their injured star player, LeBron James.

Smith didn’t hold back in his criticism of the Lakers, consistently singling out David Ham for his lack of contribution to the team’s success. Smith stated, “There’s no excuse for a team with LeBron James to be less than competitive. But on Tuesday night, the Lakers looked like they didn’t even belong in the NBA, and that falls on the coaching staff. And I have to point my finger directly at David Ham.”

ACTION PACKED NEWS presented by APWVT applauds Smith for raising this issue and calling for changes within the Lakers organization. In recent weeks, there have been numerous rumors circulating about a potential coaching change for the Lakers, and Smith’s comments only add fuel to the fire.

While all eyes have been on LeBron James and his performance with the Lakers, Smith’s take on the situation shifts the focus onto the coaching staff and their lack of success. It’s clear that changes need to be made if the Lakers want to have any chance of salvaging this season and making a run for the playoffs.

Smith’s passionate plea to the Lakers’ front office and management, as well as his criticism of David Ham, highlights the urgency for action to be taken before it’s too late. As the Lakers continue to struggle, it will be interesting to see if the organization takes Smith’s words to heart and makes the necessary changes for a chance at success this season.

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