Father of Slain Children to Run Boston Marathon

Father of slain Duxbury children, Patrick Clancy, to run Boston Marathon in their honor, raising funds for Boston Children's Hospital. Emotional support floods in.

Patrick Clancy, the father of the 3 Massachusetts children who tragically died last year allegedly at the hands of their mother, Lindsay Clancy, will be running the Boston Marathon on April 15th in memory of his slain kids. This event will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, and it holds great significance as Patrick is running to raise money for the Boston Children’s Hospital through its Miles for Miracles team. The marathon will cover a 26.2-mile distance of hilly terrain, and Patrick Clancy has already managed to raise nearly $50,000 for the hospital before the race.


  • Patrick Clancy, father of 3 slain children, running in the Boston Marathon
  • Raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital through Miles for Miracles team
  • Event taking place on April 15th in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Already raised nearly $50,000 for the hospital
  • “I wish words could adequately express my thanks for your support and how uplifting it is,” said Patrick Clancy, expressing his gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received in the form of donations. This heartfelt gesture not only honors the memory of his three children but also contributes to the mission of the Boston Children’s Hospital, a renowned institution dedicated to providing the best medical care for children in need.

    Patrick Clancy’s decision to participate in the Boston Marathon reflects his unwavering love for his slain children and his desire to not only remember their lives but also make a positive impact on the lives of other children. Despite the immense tragedy he has faced, Clancy’s resilience and determination have inspired a wave of support from the community. By raising funds for the Boston Children’s Hospital, he seeks to ensure that other children receive the care and support they deserve.

    Striving to commemorate the joy his children brought him, Patrick Clancy has become an emblematic symbol of love, strength, and the power of healing. Through his participation in the Boston Marathon, he embraces the opportunity to turn grief into a force for good and instill hope in others who may be facing unimaginable loss.


  • Patrick Clancy running Boston Marathon in memory of his three slain children
  • Fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital through Miles for Miracles team
  • Honoring the lives of his children while supporting the hospital’s mission
  • Overwhelming community support shown through generous donations
  • Turning grief into a positive force for healing and making a difference in the lives of other children
  • “My kids brought me so much joy,” expressed Patrick Clancy, demonstrating the everlasting impact that his children have had on his life. With the Boston Marathon as his stage, he aims to carry their memory in his heart, encouraging others to find strength even in the face of unimaginable darkness.

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