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The Chicago Bears Podcast

Action Packed News (APN) brings you the latest update with The Chicago Bears Podcast. The podcast gives fans a unique insight to the Bears, from inside the locker room to what’s going on in the team’s’ front office. APN’s top-notch coverage of the Bears reveals what direction the team will be heading in and how fans can stay up to date with all things related to the team.

The Chicago Bears Podcast is hosted by the knowledgeable dime of the Bears and NFL, Chris Finley. With Finley as the sole host, the podcast is filled with intriguing insight as the Bears try to make a playoff push. With Finley’s expertise, every fan is fully informed of team news. Every episode is filled with analysis from him and his guests from the media and other executives. Every week there is an update on current events, including stats, predictions, offseason news, team strategy and more.

The Chicago Bears Podcast is available on APN’s website every day at APWVT.com. With the podcast, exclusive content is given to the fan base on a variety of topics. Be sure to subscribe and tune in for your weekly Bears updates!

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