Exciting Feb. Nintendo Direct: Games & Revival Reveals

Nintendo's surprise Partner Showcase announced for February 21, promises exciting reveals including a possible Wii-era revival. Mark your calendars for the awaited 25-minute presentation!

A Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase is coming! Tune in on 2/21 at 6am PT for around 25 minutes of information focused on games coming to the Nintendo Switch. This year’s first Nintendo Direct is happening a bit later than usual and it will be broadcasted on Wednesday morning at 9AM ET. According to Nintendo, the 25-minute presentation will feature upcoming games for the Switch.

The Delay and Rumors

The rumored February 2024 Nintendo Direct has reportedly been moved to a different date because of Xbox’s business update podcast. This has caused some speculation and anticipation among fans. An established Nintendo leaker claims that a long-dormant franchise from the Wii will be revived and revealed at Nintendo’s Partner Direct. Fans can expect “around 25 minutes” of reveals during the presentation.

What to Expect

  • Updates on upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch
  • Possible revival of a long-dormant franchise from the Wii era
  • Expectations of a 25-minute presentation

“Nintendo has just sprung a Nintendo Direct on everybody, and as is custom, it’s just around the corner. And by that I mean it’s tomorrow…”

Fans can look forward to this Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase on Wednesday, February 21 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET to get all the latest announcements and trailers for upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

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