ESPN Breaks Down How the San Francisco 49ers Dominated in the NFC Championship Game Rematch

The San Francisco 49ers Stomp the Philadelphia Eagles in NFC Championship Rematch

The San Francisco 49ers have clearly established their dominance in the NFL with a resounding victory over their playoff nemesis the Philadelphia Eagles. On Sunday February 23, 2020, the rematch between the two teams for the NFC Championship was an absolute blowout, with the Niners victorious with a final score of 42-19.

The Niners were lead to victory by their star quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The 28 year-old QB had an impressive performance, throwing for a total of 4 touchdowns, all in the first half. The defense was also on point, making big plays when they needed to and allowing the offense to push forward with ease. While it’s no surprise that the 49ers have proved to be the top team in the NFL, this performance shows that they are ready to be for the long-term.

With this win, the 49ers are now headed to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2013. This is a huge improvement from last season, when the team unexpectedly lost four of their last five games. The 49ers will now face the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami on February 2, in a continuation of ACTION PACKED NEWS’ coverage of the NFL playoffs. Follow @APWVT on Twitter or visit for more exciting updates.

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