Enrique vs. Xavi: Barcelona Philosophy Clash in Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain's Luis Enrique challenges Xavi's Barcelona philosophy ahead of UEFA Champions League clash, while PSG ultras promise a fierce reception for FC Barcelona.

Paris St-Germain manager Luis Enrique has made comments suggesting that he represents the values of his former club Barcelona better than the current Barcelona boss, Xavi. These comments come ahead of the Champions League quarterfinal between the two clubs.

Enrique Claims to Embody Barcelona Philosophy

Luis Enrique, the current manager of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), stated in a press conference on Tuesday, on the eve of the quarterfinal first leg in the UEFA Champions League, that he embodies Barcelona’s style of football better than his counterpart Xavi Hernández. Enrique’s comments were in response to a question about representing the values of his former club. However, the current Barcelona boss did not want to start a controversy with the comments made by the old one.

Hostile Atmosphere Expected for Barcelona

Paris Saint-Germain ultras have warned FC Barcelona to expect a hostile atmosphere during Wednesday’s Champions League quarterfinal first leg. The ultras are known for their passion and unwavering support for their team, and they aim to make it difficult for Barcelona to feel comfortable on the pitch. This adds an extra layer of intensity to the already highly anticipated clash between two European powerhouses.

Enrique Calls for Ambition in Barcelona Clash

Paris Saint-Germain head coach Luis Enrique has urged his players to forget the pressure of reaching the latter stages of the Champions League and focus on their ambition. PSG is still seeking its first Champions League trophy and will need to demonstrate determination and mental strength in the first leg against Barcelona. Enrique’s words are meant to inspire his team to perform at their best and not be weighed down by expectations.

Xavi Responds to Enrique’s Comments

Barcelona legend Xavi has responded to Luis Enrique’s comments regarding Barcelona’s style of play. Xavi stated that he has a “great relationship” with Enrique and chose not to engage in a public debate on the matter. His classy response reflects his focus on supporting his team, rather than getting involved in unnecessary controversies.

“I do, without a doubt,” said Luis Enrique when asked about representing Barcelona’s philosophy better than Xavi. He emphasized his commitment to PSG and his belief in his coaching methods.


  • Paris St-Germain manager Luis Enrique claims to represent Barcelona’s values better than current Barcelona boss, Xavi.
  • PSG ultras warn FC Barcelona of a hostile atmosphere in the Champions League quarterfinal first leg.
  • Luis Enrique urges his PSG players to focus on their ambition rather than succumbing to pressure.
  • Xavi responds diplomatically to Enrique’s comments, emphasizing their great relationship.

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