England’s James Anderson Nearing 700 Test Wicket Milestone

England's James Anderson on the verge of reaching 700 Test wickets, joining an exclusive club of only three other bowlers in history. #CricketMilestone

England’s star fast bowler, James Anderson, is on the verge of achieving a remarkable milestone in Test cricket. He needs a mere five more wickets to reach the impressive tally of 700 Test wickets. Anderson’s incredible achievement could come during the upcoming third Test of the five-match series between England and India.

Anderson’s Stellar Career and Impressive Records

James Anderson, one of the most prominent players in the England cricket team, has had a spectacular career that has set him apart as one of the finest fast bowlers in the history of the sport. Since making his Test debut back in 2003, Anderson has consistently showcased his bowling prowess and showcased his ability to adapt to different conditions.

Currently at 695 Test wickets, Anderson’s success is a result of his relentless dedication and skill. He combines pace, swing, and accuracy to consistently trouble even the most accomplished batsmen. His ability to move the ball both ways has made him a significant threat on any wicket.

Over the years, Anderson has become the highest wicket-taker among pacers, surpassing the previous record held by Glenn McGrath. With 614 wickets in 167 Tests, he has solidified his status as one of the all-time greats. Anderson’s illustrious career has seen him excel in all formats, but it is his Test record that stands out the most.

Significance of Anderson’s Milestone

If Anderson manages to claim those five wickets and reach the impressive 700 mark, it would be an extraordinary feat in the context of Test cricket. Only three other bowlers in history have accomplished this remarkable milestone: Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne, and Anil Kumble.

Anderson’s potential achievement is particularly commendable given the grueling nature of Test cricket. Unlike limited-overs formats, Test cricket tests a player’s stamina, skill, and mental resilience over extended periods. Consistently taking wickets in this format requires not only talent but also immense perseverance and adaptability.

Furthermore, Anderson’s milestone will be a testament to his longevity and ability to maintain a high level of performance throughout his career. As he approaches his 39th birthday, the fact that he is still among the most effective bowlers in the world is a testament to his remarkable fitness, work ethic, and skills.


  • England’s James Anderson is just five wickets away from reaching the incredible milestone of 700 Test wickets.
  • Career-spanning almost two decades, Anderson has consistently showcased his bowling prowess as a prominent player in the England cricket team.
  • His unique ability to swing the ball both ways and his accuracy have made him one of the most prolific fast bowlers in Test cricket history.
  • Anderson already holds the record for the most wickets by a pacer, surpassing the great Glenn McGrath.
  • If Anderson achieves this milestone, he will join an exclusive club of only three other bowlers who have reached the 700 Test wicket mark.
  • This remarkable potential accomplishment highlights Anderson’s longevity, perseverance, and adaptability.

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