Electrifying Monday Reactions: Lakers and Rams Win plus All the ESPN LA Scoop


Sedano & Kap Jump on Big Reaction Monday!

Big Reaction Monday was taken to the next level on ESPN LA when Sedano & Kap hopped in on the action with their latest episode. Fans were thrilled when they discussed the Lakers’ and Rams’ victories over the weekend. There was loads of commotion from the commentators and they provided an abundance of insight and perspective on why those two teams did so well. It’s clear that the show loves to get people excited about sports and it was an absolute hit with the fans.

The Action Packed News that Followed

Following the show, viewers had a hard time getting away from the buzz that was created by Sedano & Kap. It didn’t help that the Action Packed News team was covering the same topic and they provided in-depth coverage of both games. To keep up with the latest in sports news, make sure to check out the website ACTION PACKED NEWS, which is your go-to source for any sports related info. Furthermore, they’ll keep you informed with the important updates you need to stay up to date on the latest events.

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