Discovering the AFC’s Potential Superstar: Chiefs, Bengals or Dolphins?

First Things First

Nick Wright is the host of ‘First Things First’ a weekly NFL show on Action Packed News (APWVT) discussing the latest news and rumors from around the league. Recently, Wright debated whether the Chiefs, Bengals or Dolphins are the favorite to win the American Football Conference (AFC) championship.

Power Ranking Teams from AFC

Wright discussed the merits of all three teams and argued that each of them deserved to start the season with the title of AFC favorite. The Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl win and have kept their star players for the upcoming season, though some question the future of star running back Kareem Hunt after his personal issues. The Bengals have made significant steps in free agency, and with Joe Burrow taking the helm as quarterback should have improved their record from last season. Finally, the Dolphins also made big strides in free agency, headlined by signing tight end Will Fuller and cornerback Byron Jones. It remains to be seen if this will be enough to take them over the top, but they could be a surprise team in the AFC this season.

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