Delhi Capitals’ Injury Update: Warner and Ishant Remain Sidelined

Injury setback for Delhi Capitals: David Warner and Ishant Sharma sidelined for another week, leaving fans questioning their IPL return. Kolkata Knight Riders clash looms large.

Delhi Capitals’ assistant coach, Pravin Amre, has provided an injury update following their recent victory against the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. The team has been facing the absence of David Warner, who sustained a finger injury while attempting a lap a week prior. The match against the Kolkata Knight Riders on April 29th at Eden Gardens is set to be crucial, with both teams vying for valuable points.”

Warner and Ishant Remain Injured

Despite the Delhi Capitals’ recent success, both David Warner and Ishant Sharma continue to face another week on the sidelines due to their injuries. Warner’s absence from the team has raised questions among fans and spectators as to whether he will be fit to play against the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2024 match. Assistant coach Pravin Amre provided insights into the return timeline for both Warner and Ishant, shedding light on their expected comeback.

Pravin Amre, assistant coach of the Delhi Capitals, stated, “David Warner sustained a finger injury before our match against the Mumbai Indians. We need to give him some more time to fully recover and regain his form. As for Ishant Sharma, he is also nearing his return, but it might take another week for him to be match-fit.”

Delhi Capitals Seek Consistency

The Delhi Capitals have found their rhythm once again, securing consecutive wins in the Indian Premier League this season. Assistant coach Pravin Amre highlighted the importance of their recent victories, acknowledging the team’s regaining confidence and form. As the Delhi Capitals prepare to face the Kolkata Knight Riders, they aim to maintain their winning streak and further solidify their position in the league standings.


  • Delhi Capitals’ assistant coach Pravin Amre provides an injury update after the win against Mumbai Indians.
  • David Warner hasn’t played for the Delhi Capitals since April 20 due to a finger injury he sustained a week earlier.
  • The Kolkata Knight Riders and the Delhi Capitals will face off on April 29 at Eden Gardens, with valuable points at stake.
  • Assistant coach Pravin Amre reveals that the Delhi Capitals have found their rhythm with back-to-back victories.
  • David Warner and Ishant Sharma are set to remain on the sidelines for another week due to their respective injuries.
  • The return of Warner and Sharma for upcoming matches continues to be a topic of discussion.
  • The Delhi Capitals are looking to maintain their winning streak and solidify their position in the Indian Premier League standings.

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