Chip Kelly Joins Ohio State as Offensive Coordinator

DeShaun Foster takes charge at UCLA while Chip Kelly joins Ohio State as offensive coordinator, sparking buzz in College Football's Big Ten Conference with strategic moves.

Former UCLA great DeShaun Foster has been named the new head coach of the UCLA Bruins football program. Foster’s appointment comes after Chip Kelly’s departure to become the offensive coordinator at Ohio State Buckeyes football. This change in leadership is significant for the Bruins’ football program as they look to build upon their success under Kelly’s tenure.

DeShaun Foster takes on the role of UCLA head coach

DeShaun Foster, a former UCLA football player, has been appointed as the new head coach of the Bruins’ football program. He will be taking over the position previously held by Chip Kelly, who has moved on to become the offensive coordinator at Ohio State. Foster’s experience as a former player and his knowledge of the program make him an ideal candidate to lead the team.

Chip Kelly becomes the new offensive coordinator at Ohio State

Chip Kelly, the former head coach of UCLA Bruins football, has joined the Ohio State Buckeyes football team as their new offensive coordinator. This move has drawn attention in the world of college football, with Adam Carriker of Bleav’s The Big 10 Show providing his take on the significance of this hiring. Kelly’s expertise and innovative offensive strategies make him an valuable addition to the Buckeyes coaching staff.

Ohio State’s success story with quarterback C.J. Stroud

The success of Ohio State coach Ryan Day’s tenure with the Buckeyes is exemplified by the journey of quarterback C.J. Stroud. Stroud, who currently plays for the Houston Texans in the NFL, had a remarkable career at Ohio State. This highlights the impact of the coaching staff, including the recently hired Chip Kelly, on the development and success of players.

Sonny Dykes makes a jump to TCU

Sonny Dykes, the former head coach of the SMU Mustangs, has made a move to a bigger job at TCU. Dykes’ successful stint at SMU made him an attractive candidate for the TCU coaching position. This transition highlights the competitiveness and demand for skilled head coaches in college football.

Discussion surrounding Ohio State’s new offensive coordinator

The Hangout Boys podcast dedicates significant time to discussing the hiring of Ohio State’s new offensive coordinator. The podcast clarifies that it is not referring to Chip Kelly’s appointment, but rather the subsequent hiring of another offensive coordinator. This demonstrates the interest and curiosity surrounding the coaching decisions made by the Buckeyes.

Ohio State and Colorado make new offensive coordinator hires

Both Ohio State and Colorado have recently brought in new offensive coordinators. The Buckeyes have added former UCLA head coach Chip Kelly to their coaching staff, while Colorado has made their own hire for the offensive coordinator role. This emphasizes the importance of securing skilled coaching talent in order to enhance their respective football programs.

Chip Kelly’s departure and its impact on UCLA

Greg McElroy, an analyst, expresses concern about the potential negative impression that Chip Kelly’s departure may have on the UCLA football program. McElroy suggests that it could give the impression that UCLA is merely a stepping stone, rather than a long-term program. This raises questions about stability and continuity within the Bruins’ football program.

Expectations for Chip Kelly’s offense at Ohio State

Dave Biddle, a journalist from, delves into the expectations surrounding Chip Kelly’s offensive strategies at Ohio State. The hiring of Kelly as the offensive coordinator has raised anticipation for innovative gameplay and strategic approaches within the Buckeyes’ offense. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see how this will impact Ohio State’s performance on the field.

Ohio State’s offense in 2024

Stephen Means, Nathan Baird, and Andrew Gillis engage in a discussion about what Ohio State’s offense could potentially look like in the year 2024. This conversation highlights the significance of the coaching staff, including the recently hired Chip Kelly, and the potential influence on the team’s gameplay and offensive strategies.

Overall, these developments in the world of college football, particularly within the UCLA Bruins and Ohio State Buckeyes football programs, have drawn significant interest and anticipation. The hiring of DeShaun Foster as head coach for UCLA and Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator for Ohio State signifies a new chapter for both teams. Additionally, discussions and analysis surrounding expectations for Kelly’s offense at Ohio State and the potential impact it may have on the program further adds to the excitement surrounding these coaching changes.

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