China’s Diplomatic Mission Impacts Singapore’s Gambling Tourism

Chinese embassy in Singapore issues warning against gambling, sparking concerns on diplomatic relations and Singapore's tourism industry amid surging Chinese visitors.

Singapore experienced a significant influx of Chinese visitors in February 2024, with over 327,000 arrivals representing 96 percent of the figures from 2019. This surge in tourism from China has been an important development for Singapore’s tourism industry. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is aware of a statement issued by China’s embassy in Singapore, cautioning its citizens regarding gambling activities in the city-state. The embassy has urged Chinese citizens to avoid all forms of betting. This warning has sparked concerns and discussions about the impact on the relationship between China and Singapore, as well as the potential consequences for the tourism industry.

China’s Embassy Urges Citizens to Stay Away from Gambling

The Chinese embassy in Singapore has issued a warning to its citizens, advising them to refrain from engaging in any form of gambling. This move comes as part of China’s consistent and clear stance on cross-border gambling. The embassy’s statement, released on Monday (March 18), has raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about the implications for Chinese nationals residing or visiting Singapore.

“China’s position on cross-border gambling is consistent and clear,” said Lin Jian, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has responded to the embassy’s concerns by reassuring that Singapore remains an attractive destination for leisure and business travelers from China. Despite the warning, the STB highlights that Chinese visitors come to Singapore for various reasons, not just gambling. The 30-day visa exemption offered by Singapore further enhances its appeal as a tourist destination for Chinese travelers. However, the embassy’s statement raises questions about the potential impact on the number of Chinese tourists in the future and the overall relationship between China and Singapore.

Implications on the Tourism Industry

The warning issued by China’s embassy in Singapore regarding gambling has sparked interest and discussions about the possible consequences for the tourism industry. Singapore has been a popular destination for Chinese tourists, and the dramatic increase in visitors in February 2024 has been a positive sign for the tourism sector. However, the embassy’s warning may deter some Chinese nationals from visiting the city-state. This situation could potentially impact Singapore’s tourism revenue and its efforts to attract more Chinese visitors.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) acknowledges the concerns raised by the embassy and the importance of addressing them to maintain a harmonious relationship between the two countries. The STB emphasizes that Singapore offers a diverse range of attractions and experiences beyond gambling, making it a compelling destination for Chinese travelers. It remains to be seen how this warning will affect the tourism industry in the long run.


  • Singapore received over 327,000 Chinese visitors in February 2024, accounting for 96% of 2019’s figures.
  • China’s embassy in Singapore has warned its citizens to stay away from all forms of gambling.
  • The Singapore Tourism Board reassures that the city-state remains attractive to Chinese travelers for various reasons, not just gambling.
  • The warning raises concerns about the impact on the tourism industry and the relationship between China and Singapore.
  • Singapore’s visa exemption and diverse attractions continue to make it an appealing destination for Chinese tourists.
  • China maintains a consistent and clear stance against cross-border gambling activities.
  • The long-term effects of the embassy’s warning on Singapore’s tourism industry remain uncertain.
  • Sources: The Straits Times, GGRAsia

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