Charlotte Hornets Exploring Trade Options for Gordon Hayward

Rumor has it that the Charlotte Hornets are searching for trade options for Gordon Hayward, but a buyout or new contract could also be in the cards. #NBA #CharlotteHornets #GordonHayward

The Charlotte Hornets are actively searching the trade market for potential options to trade Gordon Hayward, as reported by NBA insiders. The team is facing two complicating factors in their efforts to find a deal for Hayward. Firstly, he is in the final year of a $120 million contract, which makes it challenging to find a suitable trade partner. Secondly, the looming trade deadline adds time pressure to the situation. The Hornets have until Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline to either trade Hayward or decide to keep him for the rest of the season.

Potential Buyout or Trade

If the Hornets are unable to secure a trade deal for Hayward, he could potentially become a buyout candidate. This means that another team would have the opportunity to acquire him at a significantly lower salary. However, it is important to note that Hayward would not actively seek a buyout himself if he remains in Charlotte.

The uncertainty surrounding Hayward’s future with the Hornets opens the possibility for a long-term solution. According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the team has not ruled out the option of negotiating a new contract with Hayward if they decide not to trade him. This suggests that there may be a chance for Hayward to continue his career with the Hornets beyond this season.


  • The Charlotte Hornets are exploring trade options for Gordon Hayward.
  • Hayward’s $120 million contract and the looming trade deadline complicate the search for a deal.
  • If no trade materializes, Hayward could potentially be a buyout candidate.
  • Hayward does not plan to actively seek a buyout if he remains with the Hornets.
  • The Hornets have not ruled out the possibility of negotiating a new contract with Hayward.

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