Charles Barkley’s Eclipse Roast Divides NCAA Basketball Fans

Charles Barkley's solar eclipse indifference sparks debate during NCAA tournament. Former NBA star roasts eclipse enthusiasts, ignites controversy on-air.

Former NBA star-turned-broadcaster Charles Barkley did not share the same level of excitement as nearly everyone else in the country who enjoyed the 2024 solar eclipse on Monday. Barkley expressed his eclipse apathy by roasting everyone who enjoyed this celestial event.

Charles Barkley’s Lack of Enthusiasm

As the solar eclipse captured the attention of millions across the nation, Charles Barkley stood out with his lack of enthusiasm for this rare celestial event. While many people marveled at the spectacle in the sky, Barkley took a different approach by expressing his disinterest. The former NBA star, who has become a prominent sports broadcaster, used his platform to roast those who found joy in experiencing the solar eclipse.

Barkley’s remarks about the eclipse were both controversial and amusing. He jokingly mocked the excitement surrounding the phenomenon, suggesting that it was overhyped and not deserving of the widespread attention it received. His comments struck a chord with both fans and critics alike, igniting a debate about the significance of public figures voicing their opinions on unrelated events.

This incident occurred during the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, where Barkley, alongside fellow analysts Ernie Johnson Jr., highlighted the games and engaged in discussions about various topics. While the tournament itself remained the primary focus, Barkley’s eclipse-related comments became a topic of conversation among viewers, adding an unexpected twist to the broadcast.


  1. Former NBA star Charles Barkley did not share the same enthusiasm for the 2024 solar eclipse as the rest of the country.
  2. He used his platform as a sports broadcaster to criticize and roast those who enjoyed the celestial event.
  3. His comments sparked controversy and ignited a debate about public figures expressing opinions on unrelated topics.
  4. This incident took place during the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, where Barkley serves as an analyst alongside Ernie Johnson Jr.

“The eclipse was massively overrated. People need to chill and focus on more important things.” – Charles Barkley

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