Catching Fire in Chicago: ESPN Unveils Spectacular Sports Memories on 12/27

Chicago Bears: Action Packed News and The Chicago Bears Podcast

If you’re a fan of the Chicago Bears Football Team, you’ll want to check out the Action Packed News website for the latest and most up to date coverage. On the site you can find an extensive library of podcasts devoted exclusively to covering the Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Bears Podcast, hosted by Tyler Burrell and Nicole Hanson is an entertaining and informative program that takes fans inside the world of the Bears. They provide a comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the Bears’ games each week and in-depth interviews with players and coaches. In addition, the podcast offers game predictions, commentary and news from around the league.

The podcast is perfect for the casual fan or die-hard Bears fan looking to stay up to date on their favorite team. With content updated every week, fans can get their Bears fix wherever they are. Be sure to check out the Action Packed News website and tune in to The Chicago Bears Podcast for the most comprehensive and entertaining coverage of the Chicago Bears.

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